Hey Beautiful,

Do you often find yourself eating the same thing over and over?

It’s so easy to fall into a rut when it comes to our food. We stick with what we know because it’s convenient. There’s just one problem. We get bored! And when we’re bored, it’s oh-so easy to find ourselves elbow-deep in the cookie jar…

Never fear, gorgeous! I’ve got you covered for every day in July with the all-new (and free) #SparkleChallenge.

It’s a month of daily ingredient/theme prompts to help you see your meals with fresh eyes, and spark creativity in the kitchen.

Print out the calendar and tape it to your pantry door, or save it to your phone.

Sparkle Challenge July

Here’s how it works:

1. No rules, all fun! Play for just one day or all 31.

2. Let the daily prompt inspire you to shake things up in the kitchen. Not a fan of that day’s ingredient/theme? Get creative, baby! Use something similar.

3. Shine a light into the back of your pantry. What’s hiding in there that you could use up?

4. Take a daily pic and share on Instagram (or anywhere you like, really!) using #SparkleChallenge.

5. Notice how sparkly you feel when you eat a wider range of healthy, whole foods!

6. Be generous with your high-fives and encouragement of your fellow Sparkle Challenge pals. Share the inspiration and love of healthy food.  ♥

I can’t wait to see you sparkling through July, gorgeous!

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